Dave The Dog Walker–Vinyl Cafe

Here’s a fun story from the radio show, Vinyl Cafe, for your Friday. What starts as a bit of dog sitting for one small dog, turns into much more. Advance the little do-hickey to about 24:10 to get to the start of the story.  (Thanks to Connie for helping confirm the spelling of ‘do-hickey’.)

Training Tip: “Go See Jane”

One of the first things we taught Saffron when we got her was “Go see Sarah” & “Go see ‘Mr. Fire’”. (‘Mr. Fire’ probably needs some explanation.  I asked my husband how he would like to be referred to in my blog.  I had already vetoed ‘The Husband’ & ‘The S.O.’  He shot down ‘Mr…. Continue Reading

Friday Fun: Kittens In Autotune–Yo!

Love this!  Pretty clever lyrics and well done.  “I love my lions like the days is long.”  Yo. (Note: Kittehs are flipped in this vid., but I think it’s clearly a game they play & I’ve known cats that like to be tossed.  Our cat Crow probably wouldn’t like it, but he does like being petted… Continue Reading