OK Go Has New Video With Dog Friends

These guys are awesome—so creative.  (Remember the treadmill video?)  OK Go has a new video for their song, White Knuckles.  This is also a single-take video, which is amazing.  They used dogs from Talented Animals, in Corvallis, OR. One dog, Bunny, belongs to lead singer, Damian Kulash.  Bunny got a training crash course so she could… Continue Reading

New Book On Michael Vick’s Dogs

Jim Gorant from Sports Illustrated has a new book that follows 49 surviving dogs seized from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennel. (You can read about the history of this case on the Michael Vick archive page.)  Gorant says: As odd as it may seem, Michael Vick may be the best thing that ever happened to the… Continue Reading