Taliban Captures Military Dog

The Taliban says it captured a U.S. military dog.  A spokesperson from the NATO-led International Assistance Security Force confirmed a dog is missing, but says that it belongs to a British unit.  I don’t care whose dog it is, I hate seeing an animal pay the price for decisions made by humans.

Rescuing Riley The Canyon Puppy

This isn’t really a Friday Fun, but it does have a happy ending.  Three years ago Zak Anderegg found an starving, dehydrated puppy in the bottom of a slot canyon.  It must have been then luckiest day in this poor dog’s life.  Zak staged a rescue on his own and saved Riley-the-puppy’s life. Zak has… Continue Reading

Dog Found After Tornado

Jon Byler Dann tried to get his dog, Maggie, to safety as the tornado hit in Washington, Illinois, but she wouldn’t budge.  After the tornado passed, he couldn’t find Maggie and thought she had died, but happily he was wrong.  Maggie was discovered under the rubble. Her main injury is just a dislocated hip. I hope… Continue Reading

Lick By Ty Foster

Lick is a great photography project by Ty Foster.  It came about accidentally when Ty was checking proofs from a different project and was laughing out loud at the ones of dogs captured mid-lick.  I love the expressions!  Ty plans to add more portraits and there will be a book. Ty Foster does other nifty… Continue Reading