Taliban Captures Military Dog

The Taliban says it captured a U.S. military dog.  A spokesperson from the NATO-led International Assistance Security Force confirmed a dog is missing, but says that it belongs to a British unit.  I don’t care whose dog it is, I hate seeing an animal pay the price for decisions made by humans.

Recall: Huge Recall of Iams & Eukanuba For Cats & Dogs

   Procter & Gamble has issued a massive recall in the U.S. of both Iams & Eukanuba foods for cats and for dogs due to salmonella contamination. ________________________________________________________________ Salmonella can cause severe illness in cats & dogs and cross-contamination to humans is possible resulting in serious illness. Here is good information on the symptoms & treatment… Continue Reading

Still Sick Here At PetProject

Sorry for the lack of posts!  I’ve been really sick with an awful cough that just won’t go away.  I’m so looking forward to feeling better and bringing you new posts soon.  Hope you & yours are healthy & happy!!