Science News Bites: Shaking, Collars, Drinking

  • Dog shake physics—wet animals are so efficient at shaking water out of their fur, it probably has mechanical applications with washing machines, spin coaters, painting devices, etc.

  • Cat collars safer than previously thought. Lost cats are much less likely to be found than lost dogs, so researchers wanted to see how well cats would tolerate a collar & just how dangerous.  In one city surveyed, 40% of lost cats were indoor-only cats and fewer than 2% of lost cats are reunited with their owners, so indoor cats need collars with tags too.  In terms of safety, the study reported that out of 391 cats, only 18 cats got their collar stuck in their mouth, a limb, or another object.
  • Cats are masters of hydrodynamics. Cats average 4 laps per second without getting their chin or whiskers wet.  A column of water forms between the tongue and the surface of the liquid.  Dogs’ tongues scoop up water, while cats’ tongues don’t break the surface.  One of the researchers got the idea after watching his own cat drink milk.

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