Chanel, World’s Oldest Dog Dies At 21


Chanel was a wirehaired dachshund who lived to be 21 years old in New York State. And not through clean living.  Chanel ate sticks of butter and chocolate, which is toxic to dogs.  21 is 147 in “dog years”.  Pretty amazing.

One thought on “Chanel, World’s Oldest Dog Dies At 21

  1. The people who had Chanel all those years must have done somethng right. I wish people whose pets live a long life would
    SHARE how their pet was raised, what their pet ate and drank and other hints. No pet I have ever had lived over 17 1/2 and I have spent at least 50,ooo in vet bills. Most vet’s in my area have an answer for ill, old pets: put them to sleep. That is the easy way out for non caring, greedy vets. Good for Chanel… way to go, puppy.

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