Deaf, Blind & Shy Dog Apparel

Collar covers, bandanas, and coats for dogs with special needs like deafness, blindness, both, or shyness. What a great idea! Now when you’re out in public, people can clearly see that your dog has an issue and approach appropriately. It also creates an opportunity to educate others about dogs with special needs—how to approach them, that they can be trained, and that they can make wonderful companions.


4 Replies to “Deaf, Blind & Shy Dog Apparel”

  1. Do you have a harness/collar you recommend for a dog that is totally blind. She keeps running into objects that she cannot see.
    Carlo Piazza

  2. Hi Carlo,

    I tried emailing you, but it bounced.

    There is something called a “hoop harness” that I wrote about a while
    There are also dog helmets available.

    I plan to write another post on the hoop harness with more information
    and hopefully I can find someone who makes them. You can subscribe to
    Pet Project to get notification when there is a new post. You can also
    subscribe via RSS.

    Best wishes to you and your dog. She’s fortunate to have someone taking
    such good care of her.

  3. I have a totally blind dog who has developed seizures from the head tramua of running into objects. I saw the hoop and it looks ackward. The helmets, one even has “whiskers”, on look more liveable.

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