Friday Fun: Underwater Dogs By Seth Casteel

I wanted to post these last week, but the increased traffic on Seth Casteel’s site overloaded it (it may still be having some trouble).  I can see why he became a hit—he catches dogs in a way we aren’t used to by capturing them in all their wildness or goofiness underwater.  And it all came about because one client, Buster the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, kept getting in the pool during a photo shoot.

Check out the gallery of underwater dogs.  If that link won’t load, try this smaller gallery of images.  You can order prints and there’s going to be a calendar and a book.  Cool!

One thought on “Friday Fun: Underwater Dogs By Seth Casteel

  1. Saw this shown on the local TV station, WBAY Channel 2 out of Green BAy. Very kewl! Love the JAWS theme music. See what haepnps when you go to the truck to get a beer! I registered Sturgeon with the DNR as a volunteer in ’06 at Wendts! What a neat thing!

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