DIY: Rabbit Toys

(courtesy Margaret Duclos who takes amazing pics of her dogs, including the gorgeous Royal)

Today’s post is in honor of the little girl bunny pictured above who recently showed up in a friend’s garden.  After several days, they were able to trap her and, though they put out ads for her, her owners haven’t claimed her.  I wonder if she was someone’s Easter bunny who got dumped.  Boo!  She’s has a wonderful home now though—Margaret has already started clicker-training her.  Yea!

It’s really important to provide your rabbits with physical and mental stimulation.  They like to explore & play and providing toys is a great way to keep them occupied & happy.  It gives your bunny appropriate outlets for chewing, digging, shredding, etc. and helps prevent destructive behavior.

Check out this totally kickass post on making your own rabbit toys!  There are a bazillion ideas for entertaining & safe toys for your bunnies—most DIY and low-cost. (Note: it looks like the links to Amazon are affiliate links, but the author did put a lot of effort into gathering good info.)

Want even more toy ideas?  The House Rabbit Society also has tons of suggestions for rabbit toys.

Be sure to check out my podcast on Rethinking the Easter Rabbit and these posts on house rabbits:

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