Keep Your Pets Calm For The 4th Of July

In addition to these suggestions for keeping your pets safe around fireworks, there are a number of things you can try that can help lower your pet’s level of anxiety this 4th of July and during other stressful times.  Check out these products & techniques for keeping your pets calm—some of them might be new… Continue Reading

Podcast Episode 106: Vet Visit

Here’s Episode 106 – Vet Visit: Learn the steps you can take so your dog is less anxious when visiting your vet. Click below to play. You can listen to it here and or on iTunes.  We also have an RSS feed you can subscribe to if you use an RSS reader. Check out these topics mentioned in the… Continue Reading

Training Tips: Fearful Dogs Part II

About a year ago I wrote Fearful Dogs Part I.  It arose from watching a stressed dog being handled badly at the dog park.  Part II is about another incident I saw. In this case, a woman was walking 2 dogs down our street—down the middle of our street.  Just as they came along side… Continue Reading

News Bites: Dog Brains, Animal Emotions, Stem Cell Therapy For Pets

Brains A recent study indicates the selective breeding of dogs hasn’t just changed their appearance, it’s also changed their brains by causing rotation and reorganization most notable in brachycephalic dogs like pugs, some mastiffs, bulldogs, etc. The position of the olfactory lobe has dramatically moved in these dogs, possibly affecting their sense of smell, which… Continue Reading

A Look At Pill-Popping Pets

Here’s a great article on the complexities and ethics of diagnosing and treating psychological problems like separation anxiety, canine compulsive disorder, phobias, and rage in our pets. This isn’t light reading, but wow, is it interesting! How have we gotten to the place that so many dogs are on medication for psychological issues? Probably because… Continue Reading