Earth Day!

Hey, Earth Day snuck up on me—it’s this Sunday!  Be sure to check out the multitude of DIY projects on the DIY archive pages and last year’s post on Earth Day.

Earth Day Archive

Happy Earth Day!  Check out these previous posts for ideas on things you can do to make your pets more earth-friendly. A big round-up of DIY projects—beds from suitcases, doggy rain coats from people rain coats, doggy sweaters from socks.  Sweet! Ways to limit your pets’ environmental impact. The 30 Day Green Cat Challenge from… Continue Reading

Earth Day & Our Pets

PlanetGreen has a great post on how to limit your pets’ environmental impact. (Full disclosure: PetProject was included in Planet Green’s list of Top Ten DIY Sites.) I recommend reading the whole post to see their good suggestions and the reasons behind them, but here are some of my favorite points. adopt from a shelter… Continue Reading