DIY: A Modern Pet Crate Coffee Table

I love this DIY pet crate!  Unfortunately there aren’t instructions, but it is fairly simple if you have some experience building things.  It’s made from plain plywood and has some features I really like: internal divider with doors the elevated lid for air flow also makes the piece look less massive magnetic latches make the… Continue Reading

Cat Mobiles

Cats seem to lend themselves to being the perfect subject for mobiles.  My favorite is the one pictured above made by SaltyandSweet on Etsy.   Flensted Mobiles has three: And there’s this one of three cat faces from Joel Hotchkiss.

Mod Pod Pet Bed

These beds are groovy, Baby! The Bubble Bed is from the Italian pet design company, The beds are made out of acrylic with a chrome base and a good size for cats or smaller dogs. If you’re in the U.S. you can get them from, although not all the colors are available. (Note:… Continue Reading

Modern Bent Plywood Cat Scratcher

Very clever design here! This cat scratcher by moderncritter comes with two carpet tiles by Flor (not your typical carpet tile) that can be replaced when worn out. If the standard Terra colors don’t work in your home, you can special order from Flor and come up with something really striking or something that will… Continue Reading

Skritch, A Modern Scratching Post

This sleek, wall-mounted scratching post by Wowbow is pretty nifty. I couldn’t find the Skritch for sale anywhere—the UK online store doesn’t seem to working. Too bad. Still, I thought it might give you DIY-ers some ideas. It would be pretty easy to wrap a heavy-duty cardboard tube with sisal carpet. The only trick would… Continue Reading