Heartland Virus, A New Tick-Born Disease

(image via Tm at Wikimedia) I freakin’ hate parasites.  They completely skeeve me out and now I have even more reason to detest them.  Scientists have found a virus, previously unknown, found in the nymph form of Lone Star Ticks called the Heartland Virus.  (Heartland Virus study report in New England Journal of Medicine.) The virus causes… Continue Reading

Ohagi The Kitten Helps Read The Paper

What kitteny goodness comes out of Japan!  Here we have Ohagi the kitten doing just what kittens are supposed to do with newspapers.  What a good kitten! Turns out today is her birthday, so here’s a diary of Ohagi’s 1st year.  Industrial strength cuteness!

Nifty Elevated Cat Enclosure

This is a neat idea!  Pretty simple design using materials you could find at a large hardware store.  I think I’d spray paint it to match the color of the walls.  What lucky kitties! Check out this post on incredible cat ladders in Europe!

Pre-Columbian Dogs In North & South America

(image via Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue & Adoption Network) Folklore says that Carolina Dogs predate Columbus, and a recent study shows these stories may actually be true.  Carolina Dogs, Chihuahuas, Peruvian Hairless Dogs, & Mexican Hairless Dogs are missing certain gentic markers that link them to European dogs,  Instead, these breeds share markers with East Asian dogs indicating… Continue Reading