I have put this off for 4 years, so I thought it was about time to tell you more about who I am.  Turns out that’s kind of hard and after 8 months I had an unilluminating group of sentences.  So here are some words instead.  About me, Sarah Henderson, who lives in the Pacific Northwest with my husband Mr. Fire, a dog, & 3 cats.
  • Rabbits, gold fish, red eared sliders, cats, box turtles, & finally a dog.
  • Philosophy, ethics, animal welfare, animal behavior, human-animal bond.
  • Operant conditioning, clicker training, animal rescue, Reservation dogs.
  • Thrifty, DIY, sewing, sawing, building, making, learning, repurposing.
  • New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, Washington.
  • Crafts, color, cooking, camping, coastlines, cardamom.
  • Research, design, gardening, books, subcultures, writing, power tools, music, words, movies.
  • Pancakes, lavender, sushi, smoked brisket, fruit, jasmine, Ghormeh Sabzi, coffee.

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  1. Discovered you when I just happened to find out about Mutt Muffs. I had no idea there were specially designed earmuffs for pets! What a great article!

  2. I’m so excited about this site and can’t wait to start making some of the items!!!

  3. I tried to leave this response to ‘make your own litter box’:
    Thanks for savings us lots of $$$. One tip – around the rough cut edge of the entrance hole, slit open a length of old garden hose and slip over the cut edge of the box. Kitty paws are nice & safe! This also works great for saw blades and axes – keeps them sharp, but protected when not in use.

  4. Thank you! I’m so glad you’ve found helpful posts here. Jennifer, I’d love to see what you make!

  5. I found this site looking for OPTIVIZOR’S for my blind dachshund. Got hooked on it because of the video’s and good information to be found. Thanks!!!

  6. making lots of beds today got 2 done yesterday we have 9 dogs and the 2 we made they love we were unable to give one dog a bed at all because he eats them the little one just scratched hers and tore them up both are loving them.

  7. I have been putting off purchasing litterboxes with lids because of the cost. I have 4 cats, 3 boys (who at times miss) and 1 girl (she throws litter out of the boxes) so the cost of replacing what they use now was prohibitive. I will definitely be making my own. Thank you!

  8. Hi there…so glad I stumbled across your blog. I enjoyed the podcast and your tips. Do you have archives or can you send me information on the topic of elimination problems regarding not using the litter box. I am going to try to start retraining my 10 yr old cat by keeping her in a large dog crate for approx 2 weeks. I can take her out to hold and pet but I cant put her on the ground. I am reading a book called how to wrangle a cat and this is a tip in there as well has from someone that is a behavior specialist at a shelter. Have spent over $400 on tests at the vet and nothing is coming up wrong so it is behavior. Any advice would be appreciated thanks !!

  9. I am really excited about making things for my 4 dogs and I cat. Think this is a great site.

  10. Am delighted to meet you and look forward to any and all of your blogs. I have a 5 pound poodle, Buttons, I oil paint, read, read, read (it seems like all the time), crochet for tiny babies and sew for the dog. I too, am looking forward to sewing and making different things for the dog. Thank you Jeri Atkin

  11. Hi, I have found you looking for new sites where I could find DIY projects to spoil my 4 cats with.. 🙂

  12. Stressing out! Because of an eye infection I need to make my very small, very old Peke wear an e-collar and it is just NOT working. I Google Imaged “e-collar” and ran across a face sheild type thing that I think you must have had on your website at one time. I can not find anything on this. I have no idea how old the picture is or if is even something I can get. Any ideas? It seems like some type of eye protector would be so much less stressful for my poor little guy.

  13. I tried to post a comment earlier today regarding the leak-proof litter boxes.
    I am not “subscribed” so will try again.
    Via the wonderful www I have, this afternoon, made the purrfect litter box. I hope tomorrow morning I will be able to see how successful it has been!
    I am also relieved that my female cat [her of the massive vertical weeeees!] probably does not have a problem with her bladder!
    I had the idea of using a plastic crate but not the method. The hosing is genius. I will superglue it to the crate tomorrow, as it will get knocked off on entry and exit.
    Soo pleased to have found the site and look forward to more pet projects.

  14. Please can you tell me where I can purchase the book by Zak Anderegg re
    Riley. Can’t seem to find the info

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