PetProject is close to 1000 fans on Facebook and that coincides with our 4.5 year anniversary.  I’ve planned some giveaways to celebrate and to say thank you for your support.  Y’all rock!  Details will follow soon.

TreT The Ukrainian Parkour Dog

Holy crap, this dog is absolutely amazing!  I love Parkour, which is a human sport/philosophy, and one aspect of it is to see beyond the obstacles in our environments. The obstacles become the means to moving through them.

This video looks like extreme agility coursing.  The owner/trainer (Youtube username 3FishMan) must have such a rapport with TreT.  Hopefully, he doesn’t push the dog to do too much.  Judging from the owner’s comments, including the ones I translated from Russian, he seems to really care about TreT, and the dog looks very happy.  It’s cool how alive dogs are when they get a lot of physical and mental stimulation.  Wow!

Facelift Allows Dog To See For First Time

This is one of those cases where a dog has paid a huge price for exaggerated features humans have deemed desirable in a purebred dog.  Molly the Shar Pei was bred to have such a wrinkled face that no care was given to how this might affect her.  One of the results of selecting for wrinkles can be increased cases of entropion—an extremely painful condition where the eyelids are rolled into the eye and the fur scratches the dog’s cornea.  Molly’s entropion was so severe she had never actually been able to see and was at risk for going blind from the damage to her eyes.  Sickening.

But, Molly’s vet gave her a pretty extreme facelift and now she can see.  Awesome!