Rez Dogs—A Documentary

Rez Dogs is a great documentary about a very complex issue.  Our dog, Saffron, was a stray on the Yakama Reservation in central Washington and because of her, I’ve tried to become more educated about Rez Dogs.  This documentary wasn’t easy to watch, but I think it’s important to know what’s going on and to try to understand the issues.  (via our good friend Holly & her 3 awesome Rez Dogs)

I think poverty is at the root of the problem and until that changes, Rez Dogs will have a hard life.  An understandable distrust of outsiders doesn’t help either.  Animal control services on reservation are often underfunded or non-existant.  Can you imagine running a shelter with $300 dollars worth of supplies per year?  This problem isn’t unique to Reservations either.  Many places with over-taxed, crumbling, or non-existant municipal infrastructures have problems with stray dogs—Russia, Iraq, Mexico, India, Bulgaria, etc.  Please click below to watch Rez Dogs.

1st Giveaway Winners!

Woohoo!  Here are the winners for the Subscribers Only giveaway.  Sorry it took so long to announce.  I have a confession.  One of the reasons for the delay was because I was picking which font to use for the photos of the winners.  Yep, that’s the kind of dork I am.  So, without any further delay, here are the winners. Congratulations and thank you for entering & for your support!!

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get to enter this giveaway, because I’m having another one for Facebook Fans.  I’ll be announcing the details soon.

DOGTricky Treat Ball an absolute favorite of ours!

CATDurascoop who knew a litter scoop could be so awesome!

House Rabbits & Amy Sedaris

Who knew?!  Amy Sedaris has bunnies and is an active supporter of The House Rabbit Society! (thanks Sharon!)

I have a soft spot for rabbits—they were one of the first animals I got to know.  Rabbits are neat creatures with distinct personalities and can make great pets.  Have you ever seen a rabbit binky?  Did you know they can be trained to run agility courses.  It’s called “rabbit hopping”.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t educate themselves before getting a rabbit and, as a result, there are lots of bunnies who need homes.  If you’re thinking about adopting a bunny, the House Rabbit Society’s site is an amazingly thorough resource for taking care of your rabbit. They cover everything from litterbox training to toys good for stimulating play to rabbit-proofing your home. There is an informative article on what it’s like to live with a rabbit—it’s definitely not for everyone. There’s also a good FAQ on common health issues for rabbits.

After you adopt your rabbit, check out this post on how to build a nice looking DIY rabbit palace. Your bunny will thank you!