AvoDerm Does Quality Control The Way It Should Be!

(Please note:  This kicks ass and therefore this post will possibly overuse bold & underlined text.  But, I’m really pumped that a company is actually putting our pets first.  I’m almost speechless, but not quite!)

It’s very rare I ever get to say anything good concerning a pet food recall, so take note!  AvoDerm is posting information about a recall that has no effect on you, at all.  Their own quality control testing caught this problem before the food ever left their distribution center, so it never even made it to any stores.  Not only that, they’re still letting their customers know about the possible Salmonella contamination.  Remember the food never made it to stores, but AvoDerm says the product concerned is their Natural Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula (26 lb. bag only) with “Best-By-Dates”28 Aug 2013, 29 Aug 2013, & 30 Aug 2013.

What a  stark freakin’ contrast to the way most companies handle recalls, even when there are pet deaths associated with their recalled food.  Most companies delay making a press release and very often use the Friday night Dump & Run, so the recall gets lost in the news cycle.  It’s basically a giant “Screw You” to you and your pets’ well-being.

Mistakes happen, but I think AvoDerm should be applauded for having truly effective quality-control and stepping up to take responsibility when it catches a problem.  Awesome!

Good Advice If Your Neighbor Complains About Your Dog

Has your neighbor complained that your dog is a nuisance?  Check out these 5 helpful tips on how to respond to a neighbor’s complaint about your dog from The Whole Dog Journal.  The overarching advice is to stay civil and don’t get defensive—for your sake, but also for your dog’s sake.  Dogs all too often pay the price for human laziness, stupidity, & vindictiveness.  Try to work with your neighbor so the situation doesn’t escalate.  Try to resolve the matter before Animal Control or police are involved or before your neighbor retaliates against your dog.  Be a good neighbor and protect your dog.

I think one of the most important things to do before anything even happens, is develop some level of a relationship with your neighbors.  Let your neighbor meet your dog.  It’s harder to be angry with you if they know you than if you’re just those anonymous jerks with the dog that barks.  It also means you may preempt a complaint.

Our across-the-street neighbor asked if I’d been hearing dogs barking in the night.  What he really meant, was he thought Saffron was barking a ton and keeping him awake.  Because we had a decent friendship and chatted, I was able to tell him the dogs he was hearing were one street over and that Saffron actually spent the night inside.  If we hadn’t spoken casually,  he would have begun to resent us and might have eventually called the police.

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