Heated Beds For Pets

We first got one of these heating pads when we had two elderly cats to help them keep warm in our new home that had hardwood floors and not many rugs or much furniture. We put them inside and on top of a small kitty condo we had. I thought the cats would just use… Continue Reading

Nora, The Piano-Playing Cat

What a cool cat! She even plays duets. Read about how her career started and about her life living with a piano teacher. And listen to an interview with Betsy, Nora’s human. (direct link)

Airborne Cats By Junku

Airborne Cats is one of the most amazing series of photos I’ve seen. Junku manages to capture the dazzling, frozen flashes of his cats’ feline ballet, providing proof that cats are not bound by the laws of physics the way we mere mortals are. In such a spare setting, all the focus is on the… Continue Reading