Friday Fun: Clever Way To View Mixed Breed Dogs

I get why some people want a pure breed dog, but I think mixed breed dogs are so very much more interesting.  Check out this great campaign the shelter, Territorio de Zaguates, in Costa Rica started to get people to appreciate the incredible uniqueness of mixed breed dogs.  So cool!

Friday Fun: Tiny Hats On Cats



  1. an excess of construction paper that’s just lying around
  2. add artistic talent & a sense of humor
  3. fold in a commitment to go big or go home, even if you’re just making little paper hats for cats
  4. finally, mix with a very agreeable cat(s)

and you get Tiny Hats on Cats!

These come from Adam Ellis, who has written a book, Books of Adam; The Blunder Years and also does derpy portraits from photos.  See more of his kettehs on Adamtots.