We Like: Brains! Update

I wrote about Prairiebird’s wonderful brains cat toy a while back. Well, she’s now offering a set of Little Dead Things cat toys. I just love her macabre sense of humor. As one of the humans in our house, I’d much rather find a pretend dead thing thoughtfully tucked in my shoe than a real… Continue Reading

We Like: Watercolors By Rachelle Smith

I found these wonderful prints on Etsy. Rachelle’s watercolor pet portraits aren’t like a lot of the portraits I’ve seen. For one, they’re not acrylics or oil, so she captures some different nuances than I’ve usually seen. Like those puddles of lips on the Pointer above. She captures the softness of a Lab’s gaze, the… Continue Reading

Animal Poison Control Center At ASPCA

The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center at 1-(888)-426-4435 is a great resource. It could save your pet’s life someday. They’re available 24 hours a day every single day of the year and have 25 veterinarians on staff—including nine board-certified toxicologists—and 13 certified veterinary technicians. If you suspect your pet has been poisoned, follow these guidelines…. Continue Reading

Puerto Rico Pet Massacres

It recently came to light that for the last 8 years private animal control companies hired by municipalities in Puerto Rico have been brutally killing huge numbers of pets and strays on a regular basis. These private animal control businesses—Animal Delivery and Animal Control Solutions—rounded up strays and confiscated pets from residents of housing projects…. Continue Reading