Three Charged in Puerto Rico Pet Massacre

The owner and two employees of Animal Control Solutions have been charged under animal cruelty laws for throwing 80 pets off a bridge. The city of Barceloneta contracted with the company for animal control services. Mayor Sol Luis Fontanes of Barceloneta is named as a defendant in a civil suit. Tragically this horrific treatment of… Continue Reading

Pet Peek

The Pet Peek looks like a neat idea for your dog. It’s a doggie window for your fence. It has the benefit that the dog can stick it’s head past the fence and get a good view while still being safely contained behind the fence. And people or dogs passing by can’t reach your dog…. Continue Reading

Video On How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth


Oral health is as important to cats as it is to humans and brushing your cat’s teeth is the safest & cheapest way to make sure their teeth are clean and their gums are healthy. Having your cat’s teeth cleaned by a veterinarian requires anesthetic and is much more expensive. Even so, I don’t think… Continue Reading