Friday Fun: Stunt Kitty

Think, teenage boy kitty with complete disregard for life and limb—his, yours, other kitties’, the dog’s, the houseplant’s. This is who I think Stunt Kitty is—your resident insane, but sweet, daredevil. Here is my favorite Stunt Kitty episode from Ultra Kawaii. Remember that Stunt Kitty is a professional stunt kitten and knows what he’s doing…. Continue Reading

Skritch, A Modern Scratching Post

This sleek, wall-mounted scratching post by Wowbow is pretty nifty. I couldn’t find the Skritch for sale anywhere—the UK online store doesn’t seem to working. Too bad. Still, I thought it might give you DIY-ers some ideas. It would be pretty easy to wrap a heavy-duty cardboard tube with sisal carpet. The only trick would… Continue Reading