Dogs May Boost Immune System In Children

A new 6 year study of 9,000 children published in the European Respiratory Journal indicates¬†having a dog in the home may lower the risk of children developing a reaction to airborne allergens like pollen, mold, and dust mites. Blood samples from children living with dogs had fewer antibodies to allergens like dust mites, which would… Continue Reading

Bunny Tracks Rug

I saw this great rug in Dwell. It’s a simple white rug livened up with rabbit tracks so it looks like some bunny has been hopping through the snow. I love it! The rug is called Silence and was designed by Permafrost in Norway.

Mod eiCrate For Dogs

The nifty eiCrate designed by Peter Pracilio for Go!PetDesign goes beyond the old idea of a a crate being a boring box with its rounded pod shape. It comes in several different finishes and you can also get a nice looking cover for it and a pad for inside. The ieCrate is really only for… Continue Reading