We Like: Brain Twisters Flower Toy

The Brain Twister is a nifty toy from Canine Genius: it’s got a squeaker in each flower it makes a great fetch toy the spiral shape makes it much more interesting—Saffron likes inspecting the whole “stem” and shaking it so it flaps around the inner seam is very well reinforced, so it also makes a… Continue Reading

Mod Pod Pet Bed

These beds are groovy, Baby! The Bubble Bed is from the Italian pet design company, b.pet. The beds are made out of acrylic with a chrome base and a good size for cats or smaller dogs. If you’re in the U.S. you can get them from www.kylousa.com, although not all the colors are available. (Note:… Continue Reading

How To Safely Remove A Tick From Your Pet


It’s time to revisit my least favorite topic—ticks. Blech! While we don’t have a really bad problem with them in the Pacific Northwest, they pose a real danger in other parts of the country. This previous post is packed with information and presents a novel way of removing them from your pets—complete with video. Parasites… Continue Reading