News Bites: Dog Brains, Animal Emotions, Stem Cell Therapy For Pets

Brains A recent study indicates the selective breeding of dogs hasn’t just changed their appearance, it’s also changed their brains by causing rotation and reorganization most notable in brachycephalic dogs like pugs, some mastiffs, bulldogs, etc. The position of the olfactory lobe has dramatically moved in these dogs, possibly affecting their sense of smell, which… Continue Reading

Karen Pryor On Good Morning America

Karen Pryor will be on GMA Tuesday the 16th between 8:30am-9am demonstrating clicker training and promoting her new book, Reaching The Animal Mind. Clicker Training is a force-free, non-coercive way to train your pets (cats too).  In the training stage, it relies on using a “clicker” to specifically mark the behavior you want—sit, down, etc. … Continue Reading