Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

   Life has been a bit hectic here lately—car problems, washing machine in pieces, replacing a porch, & food poisoning.  Despite the craziness, our thoughts are with everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy—the East Coast and the Caribbean, in particular.  Every disaster reminds me of how important it is to be prepared.  We live in an earthquake-prone… Continue Reading

Tsunami Dog Reunited With Owner

Ban is one seriously lucky dog.  She’s the dog that spent 3 weeks adrift at sea on a swirl of debris.  Her person saw the same footage of her rescue that we did and has been reunited with her.  Yea!!

3 Weeks At Sea, Tsunami Dog Rescued

This is incredible.  While out searching for bodies, rescuers found this dog scrambling over debris, including a partially submerged house that had been swept out to sea.  It’s thought the dog may have survived by scavenging in the house.