Training Tips: Fearful Dogs Part III

This is the 3rd part of a series on fearful dogs, which I started after seeing a bunch of different fearful dogs with clueless humans.  These are real-life examples with detailed suggestions on better ways to handle the anxious dog involved.  Don’t miss Part I & Part II. (Note: These are fearful with a strong flight… Continue Reading

Introducing An Anxious Dog To Another Dog

Here’s a good video with very helpful commentary showing a low stress way to introduce an anxious dog to another dog.  This was one long session with careful monitoring.  Be sure to watch your dog and don’t push her to where she’s overwhelmed.  Multiple shorter sessions might work better with some dogs.

Life With A Fearful Dog

It’s so encouraging to read about the happy outcome of one completely unsocialized dog named Ice who was rejected from a sled dog breeding operation and turned over to a shelter in Colorado. Ice has come a long way from being terrified of doorways and ringing phones.   His story shows that with some real… Continue Reading