Recall: Jones Natural Chews Pig Ears

The Jones Natural Chews Co company is recalling pig ears due to salmonella contamination. Please note that the pig ears are sold under a few different names—Jones Natural Chews, Blain’s Farm & Fleet, & Country Butcher Dog Chews.  So far, there’s no info. on the company’s website. Boo!  The recall is due to tests preformed by the Washington… Continue Reading

The FDA Recall Policy

It’s important to understand how FDA recalls work.  These voluntary recalls are not exactly voluntary, which isn’t at all clear to most people.  There are two problems, first the recalls are called voluntary because the FDA has no power to demand a recall.  The FDA doesn’t actually require recalls, they request them.  If a company… Continue Reading

Procter & Gamble Buying Natura Pet Products

This is so disappointing.  Procter & Gamble is acquiring Natura Pet Products which was a privately held company that produced high quality pet foods—Evo, Innova, Karma, California Natural, Healthwise and Mother Nature. (We use Innova and Evo.) Quality brands often seem to go downhill once they are bought by the large conglomerates.  Look at Science… Continue Reading

U.S. Marshalls Raid PETCO Warehouse

Rat droppings Feds seized undisclosed pet food products at an Illinois PETCO warehouse at the request of the FDA because they were stored in unsanitary conditions. In April, the FDA found “widespread and active rodent and bird infestation”. Apparently PETCO didn’t take these findings too seriously since a second inspection in May found “continuing and… Continue Reading