The Cats’ House 猫の家

The Cats’ House is an incredible feline playground that is home to 16 cats, 5 dogs, and their very kind humans.  This cat friendly house has been done with a Japanese aesthetic—exposed wood, simple lines, minimal ornamentation.  I love it!

DIY: Monster Cat Tree

Check out these great instructions for a beefy cat scratching post/cat tree. It’s a no-frills, utilitarian design, but it looks easy to build and that it will last forever. You can make it fancier by painting the shelf supports and by the color carpet you use to cover the shelves. And if you don’t cover… Continue Reading

Modern Bent Plywood Cat Scratcher

Very clever design here! This cat scratcher by moderncritter comes with two carpet tiles by Flor (not your typical carpet tile) that can be replaced when worn out. If the standard Terra colors don’t work in your home, you can special order from Flor and come up with something really striking or something that will… Continue Reading