DIY: Warm Winter Cat Houses

Pet cats living outside and stray & feral cats have a really hard time in winter—those low temperatures can be deadly.  If your neighborhood has cats living outside and if your living situation allows, here are some inexpensive, DIY shelters you can make to give them a warm, dry place to sleep. Obviously, don’t place… Continue Reading

Dogs Have Built-In Mukluks

Cool! (ha!)  It turns out we don’t need to worry so much about our dogs’ feet getting too cold.  Researchers have learned that dogs’ feet are specially adapted for cold weather and are similar to penguin wings, dolphin fins, & arctic foxes.  The vascular network draws cold blood from the surface of the pads and also rewarms… Continue Reading

Friday Fun: Bailey The Unknown Reindeer

It’s snowing here at PetProject, so this seems like a good Friday Fun video for today. This is awesome video of Bailey the Dalmation bounding through the snow! Our dog Saffron apparently got her fill of cold & snow as a stray on the Yakima Reservation. She prefers snuggling on the couch.