Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation is a group PetProject has been supporting for years. This foundation provides more than $4 million in grants annually for research into cures and treatments for diseases affecting companion animals like dogs and cats. They also fund research concerning diseases affecting llamas & alpacas and many wild animals, from Brook Trout to Mountain Gorillas. Morris Animal Foundation has a long and rich history, including working with Dian Fossey and Gorilla Fund International.

We make donations in memory of pets that die that belonged to friends and family. It’s a good way to acknowledge how important and loved the pet was and can also provide funds towards finding a cure for what might have killed the lost pet.

They make donating easy and you can even direct that the donation be used for studies concerning the species you prefer.

North Carolina Chemical Fire Forces Evacuations — NO DOGS ALLOWED

What in the world are officials thinking?! Did they learn nothing from the Hurricane Katrina debacle, when people were forced to choose between their pets and safety? A chemical fire in Apex, N.C. outside of Raleigh, forced the evacuation of 17,000 people. Too bad the evacuees weren’t allowed to bring their dogs inside the shelters set up for the humans. (The caption for the photo on the previous link explains why they’re standing outside.) What is the Red Cross thinking? What is it going to take for authorities to realize that for a great many people their pets are part of the family. For some, their pets are their only family. Knowing that their whole family is safe will make coping with an emergency, a crisis, or a disaster a little easier. If we want people to be safe, we need to make sure their pets are safe too.

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