Heated Beds For Pets

We first got one of these heating pads when we had two elderly cats to help them keep warm in our new home that had hardwood floors and not many rugs or much furniture. We put them inside and on top of a small kitty condo we had. I thought the cats would just use them at night, but they ended up loving them and used them all the time. When our older cats died and we’d adopted two kittens, Raven and Sage, I thought I’d put the pads away. But they loved them too. It makes them all melty and happy.

meltyraven.jpg sageresting.jpg

These are special heating pads that won’t get too hot, are protected against moisture, some stay just above room temperature when not in use and warm up more when a pet is on it, and they have covers that are washable. Ours are similar to this. These are great for cats, especially kittens and older cats. Small dogs would love them too. And a lot of large dogs would like them, especially those with hip problems or old injuries. ¬†Our dog Saffron has her own large heated pad.

Airborne Cats By Junku


Airborne Cats is one of the most amazing series of photos I’ve seen. Junku manages to capture the dazzling, frozen flashes of his cats’ feline ballet, providing proof that cats are not bound by the laws of physics the way we mere mortals are. In such a spare setting, all the focus is on the moment captured. It’s interesting to note that in such a sleek, streamlined home just how many of the accoutrement are dedicated to his cats—they are much loved.
airborne2kitchen.jpg airborne3pinknfeather.jpg airborne4nanafly.jpg

You can see more of Junku’s five cats.





Junku also has a Japanese blog with regular posts of new images. He has a unique eye for photographing cats. I’d buy a book of his work in a heartbeat.

DuraScoop—One Big Honkin’ Cat Litter Scoop

The DuraScoop is an awesome scoop. (Ours was a gift. Yes, happily, that’s the kind of family we have.) The DuraScoop is really big so you don’t have to spend as much time bent over scooping. It’s got a straight edge that makes it easier to get whole clumps that get stuck to the bottom. And as the tag that comes on it says, it won’t bend and flick cat litter around.