“Be A Human—Care For Your Dog”

israelneuterposter.jpgIn May, Israel launched a nationwide spay and neuter campaign with the slogan Be A Human—Care For Your Dog. Pet owners will be able to spay or neuter their dogs for one third the normal cost. The campaign was organized to reduce the deaths of so many unwanted dogs. It’s estimated 50 to 100 thousand dogs are abandoned every year in Israel. They suffer terribly on the streets and only 10% of those that make it to a shelter are adopted. The rest are killed.

The campaign will also to reduce the financial burden on national & local authorities and animal welfare groups incurred in capturing, housing, euthanizing, and disposing of Israel’s unwanted dogs. The estimated annual cost is 25 million shekels (about $5,987,311 US).

Sounds great, right? Apparently, not everyone thinks so. Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, chief rabbi of the city of Ramat Gan in Israel, says the Torah bans surgical spaying or neutering. Reuvan Ladiansky, of the animal welfare organization, Let Animals Live, counters that the Halakha (the body of Jewish religious law) unequivocally forbids causing suffering to animals and that spaying or neutering is the humane way to decrease the population of unwanted dogs.

Here are the ASPCA’s reasons to spay or neuter, and these are the AVMA’s reasons to spay or neuter.

Acetaminophen In Two Pet Pride Varieties—Pet Food Recall

The private citizen who had food samples tested has revealed what varieties they were. After his cat, Chuckles, died, Don Earl sent samples to the lab, EperTox, which found acetaminophen in Pet Pride “Turkey & Giblets Dinner” lot number APR 24 09 and Pet Pride “Mixed Grill” lot number SEP07 09—both made by Menu Foods. The other varieties that tested positive have not been revealed due to confidentiality agreements with the lab because the manufacturers themselves sent in the samples.

Strangely, the FDA is throwing doubt on the lab’s findings after testing only a few samples that they admit are not necessarily the same samples EperTox tested. Maybe it’s not so strange, but way to go FDA. You once again appear to be a shining beacon of leadership and competence. Not.

Less surprising, is Menu Foods and the Pet Food Institute casting doubt on EperTox’s findings and on the lab itself.

Find out more about the signs of feline and canine acetaminophen toxicity. And find out much more about the pet food recall on my Pet Food Recall Archive Page.

California Close To Mandating Spaying & Neutering

California is one step closer to passing a bill that would require most cat and dog owners to spay or neuter their pets by the time they are four months old. It is in effort to lower the animals euthanized every year in California—over 400,000—and to bring down the costs of animal control services. The numbers are staggering. Over a ten year period, California took in 8.9 million animals and had to kill 5.3 million of those. The cost to tax-payers was $2.75 billion.

Bill AB1634 was based on a similar bill passed in Santa Cruz, CA. Since the bill was passed in 1995, the number of animals in shelters has dropped from 14,000 to 5,000.

You can find out more about the bill here at the California Healthy Pets Act site.

This FAQ addresses many of the fears about Bill AB1634, including whether it will cause a pet shortage, elliminate dog breeders, end dog shows, end service dog and police enforcement dog programs, or endanger old or sick animals. The answers? No, no, no, no, and no.

This video discusses the bill.

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