Happy News

I have some nice news to share with you.  PetProject has gotten some attention lately and I wanted to let you know and to thank you for sharing the site with your friends.  Your support means a lot to me!

Last month PetProject was linked to on:

This week the site was linked to on StumbleUpon.

And, finally, I just learned PetProject was listed on the Top 10 List of DIY Sites on PlanetGreen, a Discovery Network website.

What an exciting way to begin the year.  I started PetProject to share my interest in and enthusiasm for companion animals in the hope of improving both their lives and ours.  It’s neat to see that people are are getting something from the site.  Thanks!

Happy New Year! Recall, Rapper, First Cat, Second Dog


PetProject is back from the holidays.  It was a pretty quiet here with an unusual amount of snow for us in the Pacific NW.  We hope you had a safe and happy holiday and we wish you all the very best in 2009.

Here’s some of the recent news: