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$20 Vouchers For Veterinary Care

dollarsignVisits to veterinarians are down, but preventative care is important for our pets just like it is for us.  To help pet owners, Bayer Animal Health is offering downloadable $20 vouchers for vet care as part of their Help Your Pet, Get To The Vet campaign.  (The campaign will undoubtedly drum up some business for Bayer too, since they make things like Advantage and Droncit.)

The vouchers are available February 16 through February 28, 2009 on a first come first serve basis.  About 80 vouchers will be available every hour on the hour each day beginning at 9:00 a.m. EasternTime and ending at 9:00 p.m. EasternTime.  Up to 1,000 will be given out each day.    To redeem the voucher, you must see a licensed vet between February 16, 2009 and May 31, 2009 for a preventive care visit.

National Justice For Animals Week

aldfcampaignThe Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALFD) created an annual campaign called the National Justice for Animals Week to raise awareness of how to stop animal abuse in your community.

ALDF is one of our favorite organizations.  They do good work across the U.S. by helping prosecute animal cruelty cases, pressuring for the enforcement of existing laws, strengthening animal cruelty laws, helping students interested in animal law, and through public education.

Friday Fun: Chaucer The English Bulldog Meets His Puppy Daughter

Besides being sweet, this is some pretty cool video from a dog behavior point of view.  Great play bows—you can see photos and read about them. The lifted paw is another friendly gesture.  Want to learn more about canine body language?  Check out Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide Interpreting the Native Language Of The Domestic Dog, by Brenda Aloff. It’s an outstanding and very useful book.

The only thing missing is oodles of praise for Chaucer for being such a gentle dog!