Friday Fun: Kitty Baby Talking

Our cat, Sage, talks like a baby. She makes these tiny chirps and peeps that just kill me. We joke about how small she is depending on how little her voice is that day. Sometimes she sounds like she’s about an inch big. This Scottish Fold kitty is quite the baby talker too.

DIY: Suede & Leather Mouse Cat Toy

Some kitties really like the smell of leather. Here’s a simple suede & leather mouse you can make for your freaky little cat. Download the instructions and template—it’s the grey behind the directions. I’d make the mice out of some fun colors instead of boring brown. (The instructions call for punching the suede with holes and hand stitching, but I think if you have a good sewing machine and the appropriate heavy duty needle, you could sew this on your machine.)

You’ll need:

  • about 8×8″ of suede
  • some leather lacing
  • a few jingle bells
  • cardboard
  • fiberfill or something to stuff the mouse
  • good scissors
  • 2 pairs of pliers
    • good sewing machine & appropriate needle


    • sharp, heavy needle
    • awl or finishing nail
    • hammer
  • scrap wood or a few magazines you don’t care about
  • tape
  • marker