“Padfoot” Dog From Harry Potter Movie Homeless

Berry, the dog who played Padfoot in a Harry Potter movie, has been given up by his owner of 10 years.  Paul Thompson, the owner, said he was away from home to much to keep Berry and his other dog Porridge (13), who appeared in The Bill and White Teeth.  It stinks that any dog gets given away, but it seems even worse that this guy made money off these dogs and now that they’re old, is just getting rid of them.  Happily, Berry and Porridge will be adopted together.

Sorry for the lack of posts!

First, we had a planned camping trip, which was lovely.  Then I had to travel at short notice to attended a meeting on the Gulf Coast of Texas.  Where 2 puppies showed up at my parents’ place after being dumped I don’t know where & I don’t know when.  This was followed by completely unplanned food poisoning, which I’m still trying to get over.  I hope to be back to “normal” soon and I’ll share some pics of the puppies, whom my awesome parents have adopted!