When You Find A Lost Dog Or Cat


I’ve mentioned before that I seem to be a magnet for lost and stray dogs—so much so, that I now carry an extra leash in the car.  Fortunately, all but one of the dogs I’ve found were reunited with their people or were adopted.  I still think about the puppy we found when we lived in a studio apartment with 2 cats that we had to take to the city animal shelter.  I hope he was adopted by someone who loved him.

If you ever find a lost dog or cat, here’s a good run-down of what the best steps are to reunite them with their owner.

I’ll add to that list that because most of the dogs I’ve found have been in my neighborhood, I’ve taken them to our neighborhood vet to have them scanned for a microchip.  Your neighborhood vet can be especially helpful if the dog isn’t chipped because they just might recognize the animal and know where it lives.  This happened with one of the dogs I found with no tags and no microchip.  I’m really lucky because if they have room, our vet will actually hold the animal for a short time.  Check with your neighborhood vet—they might be really helpful!


Recall: Expanded For Evo, Innova, California Natural, Karma, & HealthWise

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Natura Pet has expanded their March 18th recall due to salmonella contamination to include ALL dry products (treats, and foods for ferrets, cats, kittens, puppies, & dogs) with an expiration date on or before March 24, 2014 for the following brands:

  • Innova
California Natural

The treats being recalled are:

  • Innova Cat Treats
  • EVO Wild Cravings
    • Turkey & Chicken Formula Cat Treats
    • Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Treats 
    • Weight Management Cat Treats
    • Herring Formula Dog Treats
    • Red Meat Formula Dog Treats
    • Turkey & Chicken Formula Dog Treats
    • Weight Management Dog Treats

Salmonella can cause serious illness in cats and dogs and cross-contamination to humans is possible resulting in serious illness.

The salmonella contamination was found by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  The affected products are sold online, through veterinary clinics and pet retailers in the U.S. and in Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Costa Rica.

If you have questions, contact Natura Pet or call (800) 224-6123.  If you want to replace your affected product, download this form and follow the instructions.