Recycled Dog Poop

Turns out there’s a lot of dog doo in San Francisco. Almost as much dog poop is collected as baby diapers from homes there. So, in line with the city’s efforts to recycle as much as possible, the company that collects San Francisco’s waste (Norcal Waste Systems) is looking to recycle dog poop too. Poop picked up in biodegradable bags and disposed of at Duboce Park will be the first to be recycled. It will then be mixed with food waste and put into an anaerobic digester. Bacteria will break down the waste and in turn emit methane which will be used for fuel. They hope to collect dog doo and cat poo from households eventually. (from The Economist.)

Toronto is facing a similar problem—check out the post.

Hoop Harness for Blind Dogs

The Hoop Harness is clever idea for helping blind dogs navigate without running into things. It works similar to the way a vision-impaired person’s walking stick lets them know there’s something in front of them. The page provides good instructions on how to make one for your dog–including materials and tools needed, and how to size one for your dog.

Alternative to Elizabethan Collar

The BiteNot Collar looks like a big improvement over the old cone or lamp-shade Elizabethan collar vets usually use to keep animals from pulling out stiches or pulling off bandages. The BiteNot Collar avoids all the problems that come with the Elizabethan collar like reduced vision, hitting furniture, etc. with the collar, and difficulty reaching food and water bowls.

Shortly after we got Saffron, we found out she hadn’t been properly restrained after she was spayed–in fact she was driven home from the vet in the back of a pick-up. She had to have a compression bandage(a towel with masking tape wound around it) and an Elizabethan collar. I think she worried about what kind of crazy people she was living with now who would put her in such an crazy get-up. We all would have been a lot happier with the BiteNot Collar.

Check out these other alternatives to Elizabethan collars: