Friday Fun Bonanza: Dog, Rabbit, Horse, Cat

So I have a big backlog of Friday Fun videos and I can’t wait weeks to get them posted for you, so here’s a bunch!

The Biggest Tease.  (Thanks Cristine!)


Joe The Easter Bunny gets an ATB (All Terrain Bunny system).  I want to point out that Liam, the boy who designs the terrific ATB, even draws the plans with the correct perspective.  What a neat kiddo!


Einstein, a teeny, tiny horse, loves his big, big ball.


Maru the cat tries out some stylin’ hairdos.

Emergency Preparedness Video

Animals in Emergencies is an excellent video produced by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  There’s a wealth of easily accessible information covered—check it out!