House Rabbits & Amy Sedaris

Who knew?!  Amy Sedaris has bunnies and is an active supporter of The House Rabbit Society! (thanks Sharon!)

I have a soft spot for rabbits—they were one of the first animals I got to know.  Rabbits are neat creatures with distinct personalities and can make great pets.  Have you ever seen a rabbit binky?  Did you know they can be trained to run agility courses.  It’s called “rabbit hopping”.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t educate themselves before getting a rabbit and, as a result, there are lots of bunnies who need homes.  If you’re thinking about adopting a bunny, the House Rabbit Society’s site is an amazingly thorough resource for taking care of your rabbit. They cover everything from litterbox training to toys good for stimulating play to rabbit-proofing your home. There is an informative article on what it’s like to live with a rabbit—it’s definitely not for everyone. There’s also a good FAQ on common health issues for rabbits.

After you adopt your rabbit, check out this post on how to build a nice looking DIY rabbit palace. Your bunny will thank you!

TreT The Ukrainian Parkour Dog

Holy crap, this dog is absolutely amazing!  I love Parkour, which is a human sport/philosophy, and one aspect of it is to see beyond the obstacles in our environments. The obstacles become the means to moving through them.

This video looks like extreme agility coursing.  The owner/trainer (Youtube username 3FishMan) must have such a rapport with TreT.  Hopefully, he doesn’t push the dog to do too much.  Judging from the owner’s comments, including the ones I translated from Russian, he seems to really care about TreT, and the dog looks very happy.  It’s cool how alive dogs are when they get a lot of physical and mental stimulation.  Wow!