Michael Vick Has A New Dog

I don’t quite no what to say.  Michael Vick confirmed he is again a dog owner.  I find it unreal he is allowed to have any pets.  He was banned from having dogs only while he was on probation.  I always want to be sure I know what I’m talking about, so I read over the Summary of Facts from the plea bargains of Michael Vick and his co-defendants, Purnell A. PeaceQuanis L. Phillips, and Tony Taylor.  That made for some pretty sickening reading.  Gut-wrenching.

I also came across the USDA Inspector General’s Office report on their investigation.  This is what would have come out in court if these men hadn’t plead guilty and I don’t remember ever seeing this in the news coverage.  It’s particularly applicable to his suitability for having a pet dog.  This section describing his use of to known family pets as bait dogs is particularly chilling:

Unfamiliar with the horrors of bait dogs?  Do a google image search on “bait dog”. Warning, it’s graphic .  Imagine the worst wounds possible—the reality is even worse.

The report goes on to detail dogs being killed by hanging, shooting, drowning, electrocuting, and slamming on the ground until the dog’s neck & spine were broken.

This barbaric shit went on for 5 years.  And now he has another dog.  I don’t care how much speaking he does on animal welfare, someone who does these sorts of things, hears the sounds these poor dogs made, is broken.