Research Beagles 1st Time Seeing Sun & Grass

I’m posting this for two reasons.  First, it’s easy to forget the price paid for a lot of the products & medications we have, and I think no matter how you feel about animal testing, we need to be aware of what is done to animals in the testing of those products & medications.  (I say this as someone whose uncle died from  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.)  Second, you don’t need to be afraid to adopt an adult dog.  I used to think that I’d only want to have a dog that I got as a puppy because I wanted to ensure that it had the “perfect” upbringing.  Getting our dog Saffron at 6 mos. and these Beagles show dogs can overcome so much when they’re given a chance.

Beagles are commonly used in research because they’re considered easier to handle than other breeds.  When these dogs are “retired” from research, they need a home.  The Beagle Freedom Project works to give these dogs a new life in a real home.