Friday Fun: Boxer Meets Kitten

Here’s some serious sweetness!  Lennon the Boxer meets Figgy the kitten.  Lennon is such a polite pup—very nice manners.  He’s showing lots of great body-language.

  • play bow
  • lowering his body
    trying to get his head lower than the kitten’s (not easy to do!)
  • turning head
  • averting gaze
  • licks & nibbles
  • gentle pawing

Do you see any more polite body language?  If you want to know more about canine body language, check out one of my favorite books, Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide.

Sophia Yin On News Anchor’s Dog Bite

You’ve probably seen the story and maybe the video of Kyle Dyer, a Denver news anchor, who was bitten in the face by a dog on air.  Sadly, the whole incident could have been avoided if anyone had been paying attention to the dog’s behavior.  Dr. Sophia Yen has written an excellent article analyzing the video.  Even more importantly, she give clear information everyone should learn about how to greet dogs and about reading their body language so you don’t miss signs of stress.  Good information for adults and children!