Medication Recalls: Ketamine, Butorphanol

Ketamine: Why do you need to be aware that this injectable anesthetic usually only administered by vets has been recalled? Wouldn’t your vet already know? Not necessarily. Teva, the manufacturer involved, isn’t required by the FDA to notify vets or the public that they’ve “voluntarily” recalled a buttload of ketamine.¬† The brand names are listed below, but you might want to print out the specific information found here with lot numbers for your vet

  1. AmTech Group, Inc. (Ketamine Hydrochloride Injection, USP)
  2. Butler (KetaThesia)
  3. Fort Dodge (Ketaset)
  4. LLOYD Laboratories (VetaKet)
  5. Phoenix (Ketaject)
  6. RXV (Keta-Sthetic)
  7. VEDCO (KetaVed)

Butorphanol: Teva has also recalled several butorphanol products, which are usually used for pain control and sedation.

  1. Equanol (Vedco)
  2. ButorJect (Phoenix)
  3. TorphaJect (Butler)

Teva Animal Health Inc. has a history of bad practices when it comes to safety.