Ticked Off Tick Remover

ticktool.jpgThe Ticked Off tick remover is a simple, but clever tool for getting ticks off your animals. There is a notch in the spoon-like part that you use to slide the tick out of the skin. The instructions are careful to note that you slide the tool. You don’t use it to lift or pry the tick out.

I’ve written about tick removal before. By sure to check out the video in the previous post on how to get the whole tick out with just one finger (wear gloves). And you can read up on twelve of the diseases ticks can transmit.

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Friday Fun: Stunt Kitty

Think, teenage boy kitty with complete disregard for life and limb—his, yours, other kitties’, the dog’s, the houseplant’s. This is who I think Stunt Kitty is—your resident insane, but sweet, daredevil. Here is my favorite Stunt Kitty episode from Ultra Kawaii. Remember that Stunt Kitty is a professional stunt kitten and knows what he’s doing. (thanks Mark!)

DIY: Make Your Own Litter Box Cabinet



Make your own hidden litter box cabinet. You can camouflage you cat’s litter box and make it match your other furniture.

These instructions are pretty good, but you will need some knowledge about the use of power tools. And you’ll need something like a jig saw to cut the opening. The design includes a wire platform made from an inverted wire basket to help get cat litter off your kitty’s feet. My cats wouldn’t like how open the grid is on the wire platform, so I would use something like a wire cooling rack (for baking) that has a smaller grid. Or you can leave the wire platform off.

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Skritch, A Modern Scratching Post

skritchpost2-copy.jpgThis sleek, wall-mounted scratching post by Wowbow is pretty nifty. I couldn’t find the Skritch for sale anywhere—the UK online store doesn’t seem to working. Too bad.

Still, I thought it might give you DIY-ers some ideas. It would be pretty easy to wrap a heavy-duty cardboard tube with sisal carpet. The only trick would be finding something attractive to mount the post on the wall. Ideas anyone?

A minimalist scratching post could go almost anywhere and look nice—not to mention it would make your felines happy. I like that it doesn’t take up floor space.

Check out the thumbnail to see how it looks with different colored sisal.