We Like: Brothers Of Lucky Search & Rescue

Lucky:MissyI love a happy ending—or in this case, a happy beginning!  Remember the story last year about the female dog left to die on a mountainside in Colorado when her owner abandoned her after she became injured?  Missy, now known as Lucky, has a new home and her rescue spawned the Brothers of Lucky Search & Rescue group made up of the heroes who rescued her.  Don’t miss the 1st-hand account of Lucky’s (Missy) rescue.

The Brothers of Lucky’s mission is to:

  1. Develop and maintain a statewide database of volunteers trained and willing to attempt high alpine canine rescues within the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
  2. Coordinate volunteers, call takers, dispatchers, and other necessary parties interested in order to facilitate high alpine canine rescues.
  3. Develop and maintain a website and social media site which will provide assistance and information relating to the activities of the Corporation to volunteers, rescuers, and the general public.
  4. Conduct community outreach programs to bring awareness to the general public on methods to better safeguard one’s companion prior to embarking a high alpine climb.

I love that they’re doing work to educate people to climb safely with their dogs!  I really hope this spreads to other states and other mountainous regions.

DIY: Rope Dog Toys Round-Up

Rope toys can make great tug toys for dogs who are heavy chewers.  Since they have some heft to them, rope toys make good toss toys too.  They’re durable and can be pretty colorful.  To make these rope toys, you can buy new rope, use scrap rope, or you can upcycle retired climbing rope—ask at climbing gyms or climbing stores for retired rope.  Let the knotting begin!

The first group of toys uses the Basic Crown Knot.  (How To Video I, Video II)

Rope Ring

Rope ‘Y’


The second group uses the Monkey Fist Knot.  (How to Video I, Video II)

Rope Monkey Fist with 1 Tail

Rope Monkey Fist with 2 Tails

Rope Monkey Fist Starburst