Crash Tests For Dogs

Hey, it’s getting close to the time when lots of us will be vacationing and more and more people are bringing their dogs along.  If you travel with your dog, do it safely!  So I’ve updated this post.  Also, a recent post at Bark points out that crates placed in the back of a wagon or SUV type car aren’t very safe because that’s where a crumple zone is located.  Seems like the safest option is buckling your dog in a seat in your car with an appropriate harness.  (I’ll be showing you our favorite soon!)

Here are some impressive visuals illustrating why your dog should be restrained when in your car.  (No dogs were harmed in these crash tests.)  The tests used weighted dog dummies just like they do for crash tests for humans.

  • The first video shows what happens to an unrestrained dog.
  • The second shows what happens to a pet in a crate & a dog on a leash.
  • Third shows what happens to a pet in a crate oriented differently, how flimsy those car barriers are, and an unrestrained in the back window of a car.