Obamas Intend To Adopt A Rescue Dog

President-Elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle promised their daughters that when the election was over they would get a dog and it looks like they plan to adopt a rescue dog. Yea!

They were favoring a Goldendoodle, but several animal welfare groups urged the Obamas to adopt a dog rather than get a dog from a breeder.  The future First Family could still get a Goldendoodle through a breed rescue group.  A poll on DailKos shows people think the Obamas should get a mutt—it’s winning with 43% of the vote. You can vote too.

How do you think you housetrain a dog in the White House???

Rocco The Beagle Back Home After 5yrs. Thanks To Microchip

Rocco escaped under a fence from his home in Queens, NY 5yrs. ago, only to turn up earlier this month in Liberty Co., Georgia. Animal Control officers scanned the beagle, found his microchip, and contacted the Villacis Family. No one is sure how Rocco got to Georgia, but he is in good health, so it seems someone has been taking care of him.

Microchips can mean the difference in getting a lost pet home and this story shows how important it is to keep you contact information up to date.