DIY: Pet Water Fountain Using Tubing

catrockfountainHere’s a tutorial for a pretty easy and cheap diy water fountain for your animals. This one uses tubing to pipe the water up to make it easy for pets to drink.  The guy who did this tutorial used rocks to hide the hardware and give the water something to land on so it doesn’t splash, but I’m thinking you can use anything that can sit in water—a vase, a large glass, etc.

Water fountains are great for cats.  They’re instinctively drawn to running water and its a good way to increase their water consumption, which is important since kidney failure is so common in older cats

I think dogs also prefer fresh water, which is why so many will drink from the toilet if given the chance. A pet fountain will help stop that.  Just like humans are supposed to drink a certain amount of water a day, dogs also benefit from a healthy level of water consumption.

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